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Premium cuts of Alberta Beef at Wholesale Prices

Monthly Beef Deliveries

Sign up for our monthly beef delivery service today and enjoy high-quality beef straight from our Alberta farms!

Why Choose Farm Freezer?

Here at Farm Freezer, we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality, most convenient, and affordable beef products possible.

Support Local

We’re proud to work exclusively with local farmers and butchers, ensuring that you get the freshest and highest-quality beef while supporting your community’s economy. Supporting local is at the heart of our business. 

Price Certainty

With Farm Freezer, you’ll never have to worry about unexpected price increases. Our subscription prices are fixed for the duration of your agreement, giving you peace of mind and helping you budget.


We make it easy to enjoy delicious beef without ever leaving your home. With our delivery service and convenient pick-up locations, you can enjoy the convenience of fresh, high-quality beef on your schedule. 


We work closely with local farmers and butchers to provide high-quality beef and ensure transparency in our supply chain so you know exactly where your food comes from and who you are supporting. 

Quality Assurance

At Farm Freezer, we’re committed to quality. We only source from local Alberta farmers for the freshest cuts, and our skilled butchers expertly prepare and package each cut for optimal freshness and flavor.

Customer Service

We’re committed to providing the best customer service possible. Whether you have a question about our products or need help with your subscription, our friendly team is always here to help.

About Farm Freezer

At Farm Freezer, we’re all about bringing you affordable, high-quality beef straight from our farms in Alberta. As former beef farmers, we understand the hard work and dedication it takes to raise cattle, and we’re passionate about ensuring our farmers receive a fair price for their products. 

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